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GLE Creative Talent creates a tailor made experience.  We're not a big conglomerate with unbending rules or egos.  We understand our clients and candidates by being down to earth, resourceful, nimble and effective.


How We Work

We strive to make a difference: Our primary motivation is to help people and organizations succeed.

We begin by listening: We are investing our reputation in your dreams; we succeed when your dreams are realized.

Leadership and Vision Matter: Leadership without vision is like trying to drive blind – it won’t end well. We don’t just talk about vision – we operationalize it.

Don’t Implement – Deliver: Implementation is process – delivery is the strategic advantage from the process. We believe in agile, high-velocity, and high impact delivery that creates competitive advantage.

No BS: We believe in our clients enough to do what they hired us to do – tell them the truth.

Keep it Simple: Simplicity is the grease that enables speed and agility in an increasingly complex marketplace. It was Leonardo da Vinci who said, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” – who are we to argue?

Find a wheel and Reinvent it: Our job is to push back on dominant logic, break the status quo, disrupt mediocrity, and create advantage. We do this by challenging current ways of thinking and doing. Mantra: conventional wisdom might be conventional, but it is rarely wise.

Next Practices: At GLE we don’t copy – we create. We don’t implement best practices solutions – we innovate around them and look beyond them.

What You Pursue Is What You Are: Life is short – we play hard and we play fast. We constantly pursue joy, significance, service, and development. If we’re better people we can better help our clients.

Discovery: Learn, grow and develop. Discovery leads to better destinations. We constantly strive to move from “what is” to “what if.”

Don’t Fertilize Weeds: First identify the trouble areas. Recognize problems as such and deal with them.

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack: The key to our success is our team. When you get one of us, you get all of us.

We Eat Our Own Cooking: As good leaders tend to do, our core values adhere to the same standards and principles we use to deliver advantage to our clients.

Second Chances: Life happens and we all have a story – it’s the entirety of our unique experiences, good and bad, that make GLE different. Tell us your story; successes, failures, challenges and obstacles and we’ll listen.

If It’s Doesn't Work It's Not Our Policy: Enough said.

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